1. EndPsych
  2. Interview with Daniel Carter on YouTube who relates his story how he was forcefully drugged by Australia's Psychiatric Industry
  3. Garth Daniels Petition detailing the story of the excessive ECT he was subjected to against his will for many years.
  4. Free Clint Palmer From QLD Health Imprisoned For 13+ Years Under False ID
  5. Clint Palmer's relation on fb Greg Roberts asks people to call (07) 5441 4682 Graceville House (Dis-gracefull house) and politely ask that they release Clint Palmer from their prison where they continue to drug him to death. Let them know they're involving themselves in a lawsuit. If you don't want to chat with the staff, just call on private and say "Free Clint Palmer" Or even say you're a civil rights advocate and ask to speak to Clint, let him know he's cared about.

    Release Clint Benjamin Palmer From Mental Health GE Ward
  6. Clint Palmer is being held at Graceville House in Queensland. Their facebook page Graceville House Facebook Page please register your protest at Clint's false enslavement and torture.